Asymmetrical Head

AsymmetricalHeadAsymmetrical Head is William Rosario. Born in Staten Island, NY. and now residing in Southern California. Will’s interests in Electronic Music can be dated back to 1981 when he was breakdancing with his crew at the Queensbridge Projects while listening to Numbers/Computer World 2 by Kraftwerk. He found comfort while listening to the rhythms of passing trains and the hums of the tires on asphalt coming from the Queens Bridge outside of his window. Constantly surrounded by Urban Soundscapes, Architecture, Nature, and Music. It all came back full circle when he started his work as Asymmetrical Head in the mid 90s.

He started as a DJ mixing at art galleries and house parties in Riverside, CA. His mixes were usually a blend of Techno, House, Hip Hop, Drum n’ Bass, IDM, and Ambient. In 2002, he started to produce his own music and since then has released 2 albums and a handful of eps.

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