Koreatown Oddity

KoreatownOddity The Koreatown Oddity……………..it’s not only a name it’s a fact.

Born and raised there since 1984.

Los Angeles Producer & Rhyme Spitter of Straight Raw Cassette Tape Hip Hop Shit.

Choppin up Records, Cassettes, and VHS tapes.

Reppin & Respectin the Culture and pioneers of the past that laid a path to walk across.

The Koreatown Oddity is the Mr. Hyde to Dominique Purdys Dr. Jekyll.

“Master of the sci-fi tweaked beat.” —- Chris Ziegler L.A. Record



Sampler Vol. 2Various Artists
Sampler Vol. 2
Koreatown Oddity - Exit The Dragon's MouthKoreatown Oddity
Exit The Dragon’s Mouth
Koreatown Oddity - Buzzmixers RevengeKoreatown Oddity
Buzzmixers Revenge
Koreatown Oddity - Eat A Dead GoatKoreatown Oddity
Eat A Dead Goat