Heel up, Wheel up, come back, rewind

I’ve always kind of been a fan of DJ Spooky’s academia meets art meets street culture approach to what he does, even if it does feel a little contrived at times. There aren’t many DJs or Producers that have bridged that gap between the street and classroom quite like he has. With that being said, when I heard he was doing some remixes of Trojan Record stuff, I had to be a bit skeptical. I mean, you don’t fuck with Trojan Records, unless you knock it out of the park. Now, I’m not going to say this is flawless or anything, I’m not sac religious, but I have to say that his remix of Dawn Penn’s classic “No, No, No (You Don’t Love Me)” is pretty damn stellar.

Check out the remix and read his essay, “Heel up, Wheel up, come back, rewind: Trojan Records” (see there, no lie about him being on the academic tip) here >>