Radiohead kills the music industry (or something like that)

OK, I know EVERYBODY is writing about this, but I’m going to throw in my 2 cents.

Leave to Radiohead to begin hammering the last coffin nail into the dinosaur that is the music industry. I’m not going to wax about how this changes everything, and that the artist has regained control or anything like that. If you’re online and are into music then you already know the score. Just for the record, I’m buying the vinyl release, and not just because I paid $2.00 to download the record. I’m doing it because this changes everything.

Track Listing

1. 15 step – A mix of electronic beats and dance-rock
2. Bodysnatchers – A driving garage rock track, a la OK Computer.
3. Nude – Ghostly reverse vocals, surreal ballad.
4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi – A driving back beat, but some how mellow, think Sea and Cake. A series of jazz-influenced cord changes. It unfolds, like a road trip into the country.
5. All I need – A slow, driving song, nice and building.
6. Faust Arp – Nice vocal harmonies and strings in the background. Almost Beatles like. Sound like Thom is channeling the ghost of Elliot Smith.
7. Reckoner – Vocal Falsetto, funky beat like Primal Scream, nice strings at the end.
8. House Of Cards – Good mix of electro-beat and live instrumentation.
9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place – An up-tempo song, sound like “knives out” with an up-tempo dance beat.
10. Videotape – Closing ballad. It’s a nice run through the Thom Yorke existential dilemma.

My favorite tracks are 15 step and Bodysnatchers, FYI.