Red Monroe Remix Record, Featuring DJ Stephen R. Mix, About to Drop

I got this via e-mail today from Jeff Gilroy from Red Monroe….

“Well the date for the release of the remix project is finalized. The plan is to make it available on the 13th. Also we have worked it out with Tom at the Good Show for promotions on the 13th evening. My hope is that we can get as many of us involved as possible to the 88.7 The Choice studios to talk about the remix project as well as your individual projects. Please let me know if you are available for January 13th evening!(*I’m available, so tune in for sure)

Attached is a copy of the CD cover. Paul Slocum (of Treewave) created a remixing program and we thought it was pretty cool looking so we used that as the basis for the artwork.

Anyway, great job to you guys! All the mixes are exceptional and each one has its own style and individuality, which I think will make for an eclectic and compelling listen!

Thanks again for participating in this project!”

Thank you guys, the record, Policia-Policia is Awesome (it received record of the year award by Dallas’ Morning News, Quick Magazine) and I’m looking forward to hearing the final project.