7 Questions with Tobacco of Black Moth Super Rainbow

A&H: Tell me about your new (Tobacco) record.

T: It’s 2 seconds away from being done for real. I think there’s one moment that seems happy in the song ‘hawker boat’ but there’s a fuckedupness throughout. maybe like bmsr in a parallel world where the sinister undercurrent is more than an undercurrent. I guess it’s just a dirtier record. like if i could make a porno with synths.

A&H: So, for those who want to know, which came first the Rainbow or the Tobacco? Or the Graveface? What conspiracy-riddled LSD fantasy are we to believe exactly? I hear the new Tobacco record uses real cia-approved frankenstein technology.

Any truth to the rumors?

T: BMSR came first. we were all kind of identity-less for awhile. Just like shadow people in bmsr. I met the Graveface guy right around the time our first album came out. then the names started with power pill fist when he wanted to put out an Atari noise album. I think i might have been the last one to grab a name.

There’s no truth to any technology rumors with me. I’m pretty primitive when it comes to that.

A&H: So previous to bmsp, super power pill fist and your own moniker, what were you doing musically?

T: Before that, i was making 4 track music no one was listening to. I think power pill was playing golf.

A&H: So really, things took off after BMSR got together and started making music?

T: Ha ha, I feel like i’m still waiting for it take off, but some people did start listening with bmsr. Really with dandelion gum.

A&H: Yeah, when I first heard you guys on KCRW’s morning becomes eclectic, I figured if you guys had the blessing of Nic Harcourt then you were positioned for some interesting times in your music career.

I can hear layers of different things hear, it’s striking. So, what is your influence musically?

T: Nice – I didn’t realize kcrw played us.

I’m influenced alot by the sounds i remember as a kid. pbs bumpers, my weird old kids’ tapes, this one broadcast station in pittsburgh that would sometimes get worn copies of movies and the colors would bleed really badly. The first song i ever loved was ‘just a friend’ in 3rd grade. In high school, it was guys like Blues Explosion and Flaming Lips and Boards of Canada. More recently, probably MF Doom. and I don’t necessarily love Blonde Redhead’s songs, but I’d like to capture some of their atmosphere.

A&H: How about touring? What’s on the horizon?

T: We’re out for about 3 weeks in march. We loop around from Oklahoma City to the west coast back to Chicago. Then a few shows with subtle in may, and then probably no more shows this year because I have to finish the new bmsr record and take some time to enjoy the (tobacco) fucked up friends album. Other than that, there’s a single for a new bmsr song called “zodiac girls” coming out in may and a genghis tron bmsr remix coming sometime sooner than that i think.

A&H: Looking forward to hearing your new stuff. Thanks for your time and see you out live in March.

T: >>>>>>>


Tobacco – Hawker Boat (Beta Carnage Produced Video)