Music for Video Games

Zygote, an electronic music (you could classify as IDM, but I really hate that term…) project of Stephen R., is now in the land of video game music. The Zygote track “American Love Conspiracy,” originally released on Fateless Flows records, was chosen to be part of the soundtrack for the video game Audio Surf. The soundtrack is available for free digital download on Asthmatic Kitty records web site. Also with artists from Anticon Records, Sounds are Active and Asthmatic Kitty, Joyful Noise and imputor we’re in some pretty good company.

Check out a review of “Audio Surf” here

From the AK web site:

“Music for Videogames v.1 marks the inauguration of Asthmatic Kitty Records into the world of videogames. This fifteen track compilation is unique in that we painstakingly combed through our web of friends to find songs that represent not only high quality music, but also intensive and challenging gameplay experiences for the independent videogame, AudioSurf.”

Check out the other artists, and download the record at the Asthmatic Kitty Web Site.

Find out more about Zygote here:

Zygote super low-fi web presence