Lakes of Silver, Sounds of Gold, Sights of the Future

After the momentum of making the move out to Los Angeles, I’m FINALLY able to make an update. My girl and I have landed safely in Silver Lake, a great neighborhood with tons of music and art activity. In fact, as we were looking at the apartment where we ended up signing the lease, Stephen Merrit (lead singer for the Magnetic Fields) was walking his dog down our street. Clearly we’ve made the right choice in neighborhoods.

So, while we’ve been sequestered on the West Side, staying in a subleased place in Santa Monica, we have managed to make the rounds to more than a few places. We’ve ventured outside of our beach-bubble, meeting up with Dallas homie DJ Mr. Rid, at a Tuesday night event at the Hyperion Lounge. It was this crazy psychedelic thing, hosted by Don Bolles, drummer for the Germs (I know, the f**king GERMS!).

On dance party side of things, we hit up the PYT party in Hollywood, where the Acid Girls and resident DJ, Desert Eagles, dropped some acidy-hip-hoppy-mash-up stuff. It was fun, kind of weird mix of people, but free vodka and decent sound system = good times. Of course, no first week in LA would be complete without a trip to the Viper Room! My friend Michelle, owner and operator of Prescription Entertainment, manages the Britpop wonder kids Once. We saw them when they played the Viper Room, not to mention when they played with Easter Conference Champions and Kav (of the Happy Mondays) at Spaceland… this was week two.

So, needless to say, it’s been a crazy few weeks and we’re just getting started. As we make our way from Santa Monica, to the shimmering hills of Silver Lake, there are a few things of note from our camp to yours.

September 20th
Stephen R. – DJ set (with photo slide exhibit) at Create:Fixate – Los Angeles

October 9thStephen Ruiz:Digital Collage – SNAP TO GRID the UN-Juried Exhibit – Los Angeles Center For Digital Art – Los Angeles

October 11th
– Stephen R. DJ set, along with Jeff Parker of Tortoise at <a href="
“>Danny’s Tavern – Chicago