7 Questions with Kenneth James Gibson

To say that Kenneth J. Gibson is prolific would be an understatement. He has recorded under 12 different monikers, including (but not limited to) [a]pendics.shuffle, Kenneth James G., Eight Frozen Modules, KJ Gibbs, dubLoner, EMC, Pre Wig, Bal Cath and Rev Com. His band Furry Things was on legendary Austin-based label Trance Syndicate, run by King Coffey of the Butthole Surfers. If all this weren’t enough he’s co-owner and operator of the Adjunct record label. Yeah, prolific just doesn’t seem cut it.

A+H caught up with KJG to get the inside scoop on this man of many monikers.

A+H: How did you get started producing music?

KJG: I started at first just playing my dads classical acoustic guitar when i was a kid. I stepped it up to recording guitars to a tape recorder then then played with it to another tape recorder – which was actually an old school answering machine etc…..then stepped up to a 4 track recorder using guitars and drums machines and making home made tape loops on top….to borrowing synths and making more electronic based shit. Also in the meantime i was recording here and there in a full studio in austin texas with my band Furry Things. after all this – i got a computer and all hell broke loose….and thats where I’m at pretty much now.

A+H: You’ve recorded under 9 monikers. What’s the motivation behind that?

KJG: It’s actually about 12 now….there’s a coupe new projects such as myself and Mikael Stavostrands project called Men In Slippers….theres 2 releases out now under that alias….on resopal and minisketch. Also just finished up 2 new eps with Dilo under the name Cascabel Gentz. Im also working on a new pop/indie/etc.project called Bell Gardens. This is a project i do with brian Mcbride from Stars Of The Lid. Were working on 2 Eps which should be out early to mid 2009.

But the motivation is simply to create different worlds for myself to settle into and become a new and better humanoid that lives in space at times and has no life outside who he is.

A+H: Talk about you record label, Adjunct.

KJG: Adjunct is myself and Konstantin (Orac, Pappa Sang bass) Gabbro’s way to release ours and other peoples tunes that we really dig and believe in. Thats it really, pretty simple. We release what makes us happy. We do like to push the genre a bit and release stuff not everybody else is doing. That keeps us interested in still doing it after 4 years.

A+H: What does your studio consist of? Are you experimenting with any new gear or ways of recording?

KJG: My system has been pretty simpe for some time now. A mac book pro, an asr-10 sampler, a decent mic, a zylaphone, a bass and guitars and some various midi gear. The rest is software these days. I have a tx81z i wanna bust out again soon, but keep putting it aside. I’ve been doing a lot of live dirty recording of things in my studio such as using lots of things as percussion and busting out the xylaphone for melodies then tweaking it.

A+H: Who are you primary influences? What influences or inspires you when you’re making music?

KJG: Hmmmm, that’s a tough one!
Some influences on the top of my head :
Brian Wilson, King Tubby, Mouse On Mars, White Noise, Hunter S. Thompson, Townes Van Zandt, My Bloody Valentine, Ricardo Villalobos, Phuture, the state of California, Lee Perry, Scientist, Miles Davis, The Mothers Of Invention, Mary Jane, Dennis Wilson, Phthalocyanine, weather and such things and My friends who make sick shit etc….lately the movie Play Misty For Me has been inspiring me to do more….

A+H: What’s happening with you in 2009? What projects can we expect from you in the new year?

KJG: New for 2009 will be 2 Cascabel Gentz releases, another Men In Slippers, a couple [a]pendics.shuffles, a Reverse Commuter full length album, an older 8fm release that should finally make it out, a collaboration with Stewart Walker, A dubLoner release….possibly a full length with Isaac Haile Selassie on vocals and percusion, and Bell Gardens first 2 EPs along with getting the live band up and running. Adjunct will have some very interesting things coming out too!

A+H: What’s your top 10 right now?

Techno this month :

1. Pingu feat. K.atou – Men In Slippers – Resopal
2. sunday enigma – Mikael Stavostrand – titbit
3. one way jesus – Ozy – mineral musica
4. clear cut – montonn jira – [a]pendics.shuffle remix – monsterecs
5. zero – robert babicz – treibstoff
6. ultra nessesity – men in slippers – M500
7. nightflight – Big Bully and Rufas – tic Tac toe records
8. impact dub – Isaac haile selassie meets dubLoner – De’fchild
9. obscure – seph, pablo denegri – bruno pronsato remix – dumb unit
10.unrasiert und fern der heimat – phillip wolgast – Dilo remix – kompass musik

NOT techno this month:

1. Neil Young : After The Gold Rush
2. Spiritualized: Let It Come Down
3. Love Machine : Electronic Music To Blow Your Mind By
4. Skeeter Davis : End Of The World
5. Lothar and The hand People : Space Hymn
6. Karen Dalton : A Little Bit of Rain
7. Flying Burrito Brothers : Guilded Palace Of Sin
8. Erik Satie : Piano Works
9. Merle Haggard : Drinkin’ Songs
10. Grateful Dead : American Beauty

DJ set download :
Download KJG DJ set here

LIVE set download:
Download [a]pendics.shuffle live set here

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