Vampire Weekend x Toy Selectah

So, last night I went to see Vampire Weekend at the Music Box at the Fonda in Hollywood. It was a belated Christmas gift to my girlfriend, who is a fan. I honestly didn’t know much about them and didn’t expect much. I was truly blown away by how good the band was live, enough to head down to the merch booth and scoop up their new release, Contra(this was after all the official record release party). As I was ripping into the package, out drops a bonus CD of remixes by one of my favorite Cumbia DJ/Producers Toy Selectah! So, as it turns out that (in the words of pitchfork) “The Mexican DJ and dance producer Toy Selectah has paid the album his own kind of tribute, turning several of its tracks into a blippy, hyperactive, Dan Deacon-esque six-minute jam.” After a little digging, I unearthed this freak-out video as well.

Also, I’ll be back to podcasting starting this weekend, and I’ll be dropping the Cousins T.S. mix, so stay tuned!