Top 5 – 7/28/10

Hello bleary-eyed new music seekers. In an attempt to expose some of our favorite bands and producers who are “under the radar” we will be featuring artists that we’re excited about. This weekly list will include some new music, some old music, some extremely obscure music and some stuff you can hear on the radio. Our only criteria for our “top 5” list is that we have to be excited about it. So, without further ado….

1. Baths – Cerulean – Anticon Records

Baths has made quite a splash (ha ha, get it?) in the Los Angeles music scene this summer. His release on Anticon Records has garnered some amazing reviews, and for good reason. It’s simply a great record.

2. ROFLOL – Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud – Audio Dregs

ROFLOL is the solo music of Jacob Ciocci, founding member of the internationally renowned art collective, Paper Rad. The music of ROTFLOL is a “best of” collection of Jacob’s solo music from the past decade, soundtracks from videos and animations, as well as a selected discography of self released cassettes, hand made CDRs, 7 inch vinyl, and live recordings.

This is a highly recommended LP/DVD/digital (combo) release.

3. Cap’n Jazz – Analphabetapolothology – Jade Tree Records

This 1998 posthumous release (the band broke up in 1995) catalogues almost every song recorded and released by Cap’n Jazz. This influential band was formed in Chicago in 1989 by brothers Tim and Mike Kinsella, who were joined by Sam Zurick and Victor Villareal. After a number of name changes and the addition of guitarist Davey von Bohlen the band began to earn a cult following in the Chicago area and the Midwest.

The band is on a reunion tour now, and while I cringe at reunions as a rule of thumb, this one I’m hyped about.

4. Cut Chemist – The Sound of the Police

You’re probably no stranger to Cut Chemist, but if you are, click here. This master of the turn tables has a new project out where he uses one turntable, a loop pedal, a mixer and Ethiopian/Afro-Brazilian records.

You can stream the whole record at KCRW here:

5. mathewdavid – Disk Collection – Leaving Records

This 2008 collection of “post-psychedelic” tracks is fantastic. The limited, packaged in hand-crafted 5 1/4″ floppy disks is sold out, but you can hear a sample of the record at the Leaving Records link below. Get anything and everything you can from this artist…