Architects and Heroes – Podcast #3

After a long hiatus, we have a new A&H podcast to share with you. We’ve gone deep on this one, bringing you some very rare gems. Our camp has had the Minimal Wave Tapes (vol. 1) in wide rotation since it’s release back in January on Stones Throw, and it made us dig for more of the stripped-down synth-pop from the 70’s and 80’s. The results are some very rare tracks from Pink Industry, Autumn and Berlin Express. But we didn’t stop there. Being the IDM geeks we are, we had to put some jittery, glitchy stuff on blast as well. We’ve got unreleased material from Abraxas and Constant Flux, as well as as well as some dubstep from Kemek The Dope Computer. There are also some nice surprises as well, but I’ll let the playlist speak for itself.

Architects and Heroes – Podcast #3 – Playlist:

1. Single Cell Orchestra – Whatever Forever
2. Pink Industry – What I Wouldn’t Give
3. Abraxas – Gimel
4. Oval – R-TicToc
5. Constant Flux – Noisy Pink Parts
6. Berlin Express – The 4-08 To Paris
7. OST – Track11
8. Games – Dance This Way
9. Kemek The Dope Computer – Vitamin Drumming
10. Headphone Science – The Search For Swans
11. J. Dilla – Sycamore
12. Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again (Naturally)
13. Autumn – Close Rays Of Light Attack


*note: We’ll be posting the 2 archived podcasts here within the next few days.