A+H in the Mix

The following mix by Austin, TX own Atop features tracks by Asymmetrical Head and Quiliuq of Architects + Heroes. 2 hours worth of various styles of IDM. Mix also includes other notables like Wisp, The Green Kingdom, Telefon Tel Aviv and much more.

Φ – part 3
Pselodux – Eramer
Loafeye – Last Minute Heroics
Asymmetrical Head – Forward Lateral
Beak – Sea Pen Meets Anglerfish
Cygnus – VHS
Autopilot – A Safe Distance (Looking Glass VIP)
Brian E – Termination
Mitch Murder – Beach Interlude
William S Braintree – Pharaoh Man Fathers Farrow
Rusuden – Laptop Vagabond (Tauboo rmx)
hautlle – Valley Shoes
Acidburp – Your Last Visit
Milieu – Tiffany Lane
The Green Kingdom – Orange Saturday Morning
Telafon Tel Aviv – Fahrenheit Fair Enough (Sun of chenGOD rmx)
Wisp – Green Hill Path
Idiron – Terra Nova (Expedition mix)
Chris Moss Acid – Sub For You
Fah – Dreikammer
BCM – verkA
Tipper Gore – FDR
Lucas Boots – Siphonophorae
Mister Mist – Dubb Ass
Quiliuq – Subluminal
Tauboo – Helderheid
Kcinsu – First Movement
Ourson & Heptangular – Returned In A Blue Waste
Beyond the Green Screen – Potiron
Dead Eros – Eos
Φ – Track 1
Hopital Du Jour – Snackorpse