Throwback Monday – 02-28-11 – "American-Soviets" – C.C.C.P

C.C.C.P. is a German synthpop act led by Rasputin Stoy. They were best known for their 1986 instrumental American-Soviets, released by Clockwork Germany. This six-minute song themed on the Cold War became a major hit at dance clubs and in the US-Billboard Charts, German Top 75 and many more European charts. The following single releases (Made in Russia, Orient Express) were no. 1 and no.2 in the official charts in the same week (Hong Kong, BeNeLux, France and Spain). Their 1990 song “Don’t Kill The Rainforest” was also a minor alternative radio hit. C.C.C.P. recorded a couple of albums.
C.C.C.P. released their seventh album, “Quantic Shamanism Through Digital Western” featuring Meyhiel, in January 2008 on the art label *MILLEPLATEAUXMEDIA.

C.C.C.P.®, cccp ® or better C.C.C.P. american-soviets ® from Frankfurt/Main Germany, now only consists of the original Bandleader Rasputin Stoy aka Rai Streubel & Frank Schendler (ex BeatAmax)
The next new album release from C.C.C.P. will be ready in Oct. 2010. C.C.C.P. – DECADANCE CLUB (Mirror of my soul). Style: Electro, EBM,…

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