SXSW AMODA Digital Showcase, Austin Texas, March 11, 2011

Digital Showcase 50
Friday, March 11th, 2011
(10th & Red River)
$10 general;
$5 for members
Free with SXSW Interactive badge
18 and up

The Digital Showcase is a series of events featuring live electronic music and visual art. The showcases are held at various locations around Austin, including theater spaces, art galleries, bars, and nightclubs.

Combining elements of an art opening, a live concert, and a hi-tech lounge, these events create an environment that is both socially and aesthetically engaging. Much of the art and music we present at the Digital Showcases is specifically intended for a social environment. At once abstract and accessible, it straddles the line between high art and pop culture.

The visual art presented at these events includes video projections, digital prints, and interactive installation pieces. The live music performance spans a wide range of genres and performance styles, from DJ’s to solo laptop musicians to full bands.

Past Showcases have featured local and international artists including including Golan Levin, Young Min Kang, Ben Aqua, Pleix Collective, Jared Tarbell, Paper Rad, Hana Hillerova, Mumbleboy, and Sue Costabile. They have also featured live performances by renowned electronic musicians including including Matthew Dear, Richard Devine, Smash TV, DAT Politics, Murcof, Max Tundra, Sutekh, Freeform, Safety Scissors, and Múm.

About the Showcase
The Austin Museum of Digital Art (AMODA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage the public and artists in the creation, understanding, and appreciation of digital art. The Digital Showcase is an event featuring live electronic music and visual art, ranging from abstract to accessible, presented in a social setting.

FaltyDL (Planet Mu Records)
Laptop Battle (Fourthcity)
Blixaboy (Astroblaque)
Zygote (Architects + Heroes Records)
Convextion (Down Low Music)
Burbank International (Architects + Heroes Records)
Making the Noise (
Flying Turns

Visual Artists:
Brandon Boyer
Bruce Sterling (Presented by Teleportal Readings)
Cactus (Curated by Brandon Boyer)
Carolina Melis
Daan Verbiest & Teun van der Zalm
Matt Ridenour (Architects + Heroes Records)
Messhof (Curated by Brandon Boyer)
Scott Gelber
Selections from Teleportal and Monofonus
Special Problems
Steph Thirion (Curated by Brandon Boyer)
Upper First
Wiley Wiggins