A+H March 5th In Studio Performances and MP3s KFJC

We would personally love to thank MSTiZA and KFJC for inviting Architects + Heroes members DJ Stephen R, Matt Ridenour of Zygote, and Burbank International to their studios for live performances and interviews. Will Rosario (aka Asymmetrical Head and Quiliuq) joined in the interview via cell phone. We’d also like to express our appreciation to the fans and listeners who tuned in. Thanks for your support.

Here are some MP3s and the playlist for the show:

HOUR 1 (Starts About 9 minutes in: Music/Architects + Heroes Origins and Future/Burbank International Interview/Zygote Interview)
HOUR 2 (Music/Zygote Interview Cont./More A+H Plans and Shows/Asymmetrical Head Interview/More A+H Info/Burbank International Performance)
HOUR 3 (Burbank International Performance Cont./Zygote Performance/DJ Stephen R. Performance)