Nude Photo Music and Architects + Heroes Records present the Laptop Battle!

information about the laptop battle

Are you ready to battle it out for digital dominion? Hosted by Architects + Heroes and Nude Photo Music, the Closer PDX Laptop Battle at Refuge is a competitive event for Portland Electronic musicians to match their skills against others.


You are limited to a laptop computer, external pointing device (mouse), audio interface, and one midi controller. No other hardware may be used.

There are no restrictions on the type of material performed other than it must be your original creation. This is NOT a dj battle!

The battle will consist of two or more rounds (depending on number of participants). Each round consists of a number of head-to-head matches between two randomly selected participants.

Competitors will be allowed two minutes on stage to play their individual compositions in the elimination rounds. Finalists will have three minutes for the final round.

Stage presence is a key element for judging, in addition to technical finesse and ability to engage the audience.

A panel of judges will decide which contestants advance to the next round, single elimination style. Audience response will be very important to the judges decision! The louder you get the crowd to cheer for you, the more likely you are to win!

Prizes will be announced shortly. All contestants will receive free admission to Closer Electronic Music Festival PDX 2011.