Asymmetrical Head vs QUILIUQ to DJ July 2 at the PUBlic House in Temecula, CA

Will Rosario’s newest DJ project Asymmetrical Head vs QUILIUQ will be making it’s debut at the PUBlic House in Temecula, CA on July 2nd in support of Front Street Creatives. Front Street Creatives is a new Performing Arts, Recording, and Multimedia Design house in which Leftm Graphics is also a part of. Also performing that night is the Front Street Creatives Jazz Ensemble head by Robert Bozonelos, who is also the founder of FSC.

The Asymmetrical Head vs QUILIUQ DJ project is basically a mix of both styles (Asymmetrical Head being the IDM/Ambient side and QUILIUQ the Techno/House side).

Go the the PUBlic House for some good food, good music, and meet some good people.