OUT NOW! Burbank International – WARTHOG

Architects+Heroes proudly announces it’s fifth record release: WARTHOG, by Burbank International.

WARTHOG is a series of character pieces based around songwriter/producer H. A. Eugene’s fascination with institutionalized paranoia, and the concept of “security theater”. It is set in the years following the 9/11 attacks.

Returning from a gig in 2002, Eugene was stopped by security at Bob Hope International Airport, in Burbank, CA, when a substance alleged to be used in the manufacture of explosives had been mistakenly detected on his bags. An invasive search of his equipment and luggage ensued, followed by a pointed interrogation wherein doubts were raised regarding his identity and his claim of being Filipino-American. The absurdity of this situation would eventually inspire the writing of WARTHOG.

WARTHOG is a departure from the alt-country and folk leanings of Burbank International’s previous release, City of Burbank. Here, Eugene employs a darker, more electric tone: live instrumentation contrasts with found sounds, and dub-stained vocals resonate against lo-fi rumblings to weave tales of sci-fi drug addiction, murderous commando raids, and endless surveillance. The result is a dark and noisome romp into the culture of a paranoid police state.

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For more information about H.A. Eugene and Architects+Heroes, please visit architectsandheroes.net

*Artwork, Posters, and Press Sheet are included in the download of this release.*