Architects and Heroes Records – One Year Anniversary

Hello denizens of the digital ether. A year ago, I sat in my studio with a vague idea about starting a record label with a few friends, specifically with William Rosario, (aka Asymmetrical Head & Quiliuq, not to mention our in-house designer via Leftm Graphics) and Eugene Rodis (of Burbank International the Luxury Tax), and we decided to collective put our time, effort and resources together and see what we could do. Below is the first video we put out there before we started Architects and Heroes Records, back in January of 2011.

So, here we sit one year later with seven releases completed and released. We’ve got some special things in the works to celebrate our collective survival into 2012. First off, we’d like to announce the signing of two new incredible artists.

First off, we welcome Kidd Anthem to the Architects and Heroes family.

Listen to a track off of her upcoming release on Architects and Heroes

Her sound is the musical combination of electronic, acoustic and experimental soul. Her creations are the culmination of exploring various mediums (she’s also a photographer, illustrator and mixed media visual artist) and finding fresh perspectives on love, life and the complications that arise in our collective pursuit of happiness. Here debut self-titled release Kidd Anthem will be out in March of 2012.

More about Kidd Anthem:!/justkiddstuff

Next up, we’ve signed-up LA abstract Hip-Hip Bizzart for a record due out in the spring.

Peep the track “Stumbling Blocks” from his record “Bloodshot Momma”
Bizzart- Stumbling Blocks by schlarb

BIZZART is an amalgam of contradictory and cohesive elements, a mishmash of sounds that treat the ears to both the good and the bad. The project is the brainchild of Arthur Arellanes who, since 1997, has released three albums of the kind of music that draws inspiration from everywhere. His work transcends easy categorization, but his work stands nicely shoulder-to-shoulder with Antipop Consortium, Jel and MF Doom just to name a few. As a long time friend to the Architects and Heroes Records family, we’re super excited to be releasing his record.

More about BIZZART:
Twitter: @BIZZART

This is the first of a number of new things we’re planning for 2012. We’re expanding our scope as a collective, organizing new media events, continuing to share our insights on music and art, producing new music and reaching out to like minded people. Thanks to everyone who was a part of our 2011. First and foremost, our artist roster, including:

William Rosario: (Asymmetrical Head & Quiliuq)
Eugene Rodis: Burbank International
Aaron Mobley
Adam Douglas: Kemek
Riz Maslen: Neotropic
Envy Digital Studios

And thanks to Igloo Magazine and LA Record for showing us the little bit of press love we got in 2011.

Stay tuned…