7 questions with Brad Laner

Brad Laner has a well-documented history of making music. From his work with Debt of Nature and Savage Republic to the more sonically dense (and highly visible) work as Medicine and Electric Company, Laner’s prolific output embraces a number of styles, with sonic experimentation being at the core of his process. Not only has Laner built-up an impressive catalog of his own, but he is a highly sought-after collaborator.

He has worked with 17 Pygmies, Amnesia, Blue Daisies, Fourwaycross, Internal Tulips, The, Lusk, Nervous Gender, Steaming Coils, Three Day Stubble and even recorded as a session musician for Brian Eno. Laner has appeared on over 300 albums since he began making music, and most recently worked with M83 on their latest record “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.”

1. You’ve had a number of irons in the fire musically over the years. What does 2012 look like for you as an artist?

It’s shaping up to be a year in which a large amount of my work from the recent and distant past will be released in various forms and places. I’ll meanwhile be trying to create new work that will most likely emerge some time in 2013 or 14, with any luck.

2. You were featured on the most recent M83 record. How did that come about, and what’s your ongoing involvement with the band?

My old friend and collaborator Justin Meldal-Johnsen produced the album and he brought me on-board to co-write a song (“Splendor”) and lend my voice to that and another tune (“Wait”). It’s a gas to be a guest on such a wildly successful project. Ongoing involvement? I read an interview with Anthony Gonzalez where he said he intended to work with me again and I most certainly would because I think he makes great records. I’m not part of the daily operation of the international showbiz juggernaut that is M83.

3. What projects do you have in the pipeline right now?

My 3rd solo LP is due out sometime this year on Hometapes and the 2nd LP bymy duo with Alex Graham (Lexaunculpt), The Internal Tulips will hopefully come out this year as well. This is in addition to the Medicine reissues that Captured Tracks are doing that will hopefully be out in the first half of the year.

4. Medicine is one of your most recognized projects. Is there any plan to release new Medicine material?

It’s always a temptation to try to make new music under that guise and in that style but moving forward with unfamiliar things and ideas almost always wins out. Perhaps if I was a more career-minded artist I would try to milk that more than I do. I think it’s more fun to curate that material from a safe distance in the way I’ve been doing lately. That’s quite enough, thanks.

5. What other creative endeavors are you involved with?

I recently produced an E.P. by a wonderful singer/songwriter named Lauren Kinney and I’ve done remixes and contributions for many of my Home tapeslabel mates including Shedding, The Caribbean, Leverage Models and All Tiny Creatures over the past year. I’m also presently doing the score for a documentary directed by my brother, Josh Laner about Cosplay culture entitled “My Other Me”.

6. Who are your biggest influences as an artist?

Beatles, Frank Zappa, Brian Eno, Don Van Vliet, Lindsey Buckingham, Brian Wilson, Marvin Gaye, Can, John Cage, Miles Davis, thousands of others.

7. What is your top 10 right now?

I like and am inspired by the current records by Alog, An Autumn for Crippled Children, Patten, Dominique Leone, Jamie xx, A.A. Bondy, Young Magic, Leverage Models, all of the James Blake EPs, Rustie