Throwback Monday – 9-10-12 "Mr. Pharmacist" The Fall

The Fall are an English post-punk band, formed in Prestwich, Greater Manchester in 1976. Despite an ever changing line up, the group essentially consists of its founder and only constant member, Mark E. Smith, who has said “If it’s me and your granny on bongos, then it’s [the] Fall”.[1] First associated with the late 1970s punk movement, the band’s music has evolved through numerous stylistic changes, often concurrently with changes in the group’s membership. The Fall’s music is often characterised by repetition, an abrasive guitar-driven sound, and is always underpinned by Smith’s often cryptic lyrics, described by critic Steve Huey as “abstract poetry filled with complicated wordplay, bone-dry wit, cutting social observations, and general misanthropy.”[2] information from Wikipedia 

 The “Polka-Dot Man” in this video is Leigh Bowery who was a performance artist, club promoter, actor, pop star, model and fashion designer and “considered one of the more influential figures in the 1980s and 1990s in London and New York art and fashion circles influencing a generation of artists and designers”. information from Wikipedia