Architects + Heroes Records Presents: Port-Royal Live at the Virgil October 3, 2012

Join us for a special evening of music & visual art with n5md artists Port-Royal, along with friends & family of Architects + Heroes records. The show will be held at The Virgil, a beautiful & newly renovated spot in Silver Lake, & our friends from Dublab will be live streaming the event!

Port-Royal (n5md)
Eras (Track Number Records)
AEM (n5MD)
Asymmetrical Head (Architects + Heroes)
Bizzart (Architects + Heroes) with DJ ESP Infiniti
DJ SETS by::
Brad Laner (Medicine/Electric Company)
Beex (Icy Lytes)
Chris Ziegler (LA Record)
DJ Stephen R. (Architects + Heroes)
Handsomest Drowned Man (Architects + Heroes)
Tune in to Digital::Nimbus Radio this coming Friday Night. They will be giving away a pair of tickets to the show. Call in this Friday night from 10-12am or email your name/guest details to!
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