Turbo Goth – Venus Flytrap Remixed by DMN SLYR

“Synthy, spaced out rhythms and deep, driving basslines delicately support Sarah Gaugler’s classically dreamy voice and dark harmony.”

Architects + Heroes very own DMN SLYR has made a remix of Turbo Goth’s track Venus Flytrap.

Poalo Peralta and Sarah Gaugler (Turbo Goth) met Dan Nguyen (DMN SLYR) in Saigon, Vietnam while the three were performing at commonly billed shows. Soon after, talks were initiated about an official remix, one that would blend together each group’s unique, respective style to result in a truly definitive and smooth sound. Mixed by Dan Nguyen in Saigon and mastered by Pat Tirano in Manila Philippines.

Original track appears on Turbo Goth’s album Destroy Us All.