New QBLA Track on CHATMM Vol. 4 Urban Delay Compilation

QBLA QBLA has a new track titled Second Schmoov on the new compilation CHATMM Vol. 4: Urban Delay.

CHATMM is a chat room over at WATMM where members of the site get together and talk about music, events, and many other topics. It has also been used for different artists to get together and plan compilations, hence the CHATMM compilation series has been born.

Check out the other artists on the compilation.

1.David Peck – RawDoggin’ 02:02
2.QBLA – Second Schmoov 03:27
3.Lex Looper – Realness 01:16
4.Mad Genitalia – Slave To Tha Dro 03:50
5.Maul Pierces – Froody Jumper 02:38
6.Zander One – hyperspace 03:37
7.Social Media Platform – Head Over Heels 02:14
8.BadDream – LeVar Burton 02:46
9.Spacefin – Daiquiri 01:28
10.Rafferty – Incantation Alley 03:21
11.GRVGLTCHR – XAL-35 03:31

Artwork by Justin Bergstrom