A+H Podcast016: The Koreatown Oddity Mixtape

0213tkowolf_lgThis mix was recorded back earlier in 2013 to usher in The Koreatown Oddity’s first release on Architects + Heroes Records called Exit The Dragon’s Mouth. Below are the artists on the Mix along with the reasoning behind KTO’s relationships and inspirations behind the tracks:

ColdCrush Brothers
When i was kid my mom was real tight with Grandmaster Caz. My mom often took me with her when they went anywhere i was of age to go. My most impressionable experiences of hip hop at this time. I remember chillin at afrikka islams house (ice-T’s producer at the time) watchin swamp thing.

Joan Armatrading
This shit just sounds ill

Joan Armatrading – Im lucky ( the koreatown oddity evil remix)
Had to give it that raw ktown odd flip

Ice T- Squeeze the trigger
Ice – T was always hangin with Grandmaster Caz so i would be at Ice- T and donald D house alot watching them record and playing sega.

Fatboys- Stick em
I always loved the element of beat boxin . They always had ill tracks dedicate to that skill.

Trenttruce- Hi Trent
Trenttruce is a contemporary beatboxer who still experiments with styles. I mixed this voicemail off his phone with a live beatbox he was doing. We just thought the vmail was so funny.

Gato Barbieri – to be continued
funky latin rhythms always get me. This instrument build up on this joint had me buggin when i first heard it.

I actually got fabio to sign a copy of this romance album he made. He was kinda ebarrassed people knew about it. Me and the homies got faded to this and trip off the interludes.

The koreatown oddity- still waiting (instrumental)
—–This beat i chopped up from some pretty boy R&B. My boy saw the album cover and said “nigga i challenge you to flip that shit”. Dont challenge me mothafucka this might happen.

Outkast- My lap
——-Andre 3000 transports me to sonic astronaut pimp caddillac land with this, Always good for a drive. I wanna do this shit karoake or some shit.

Space Art
——-Im defintely into records with mad trippy space noises, the sound is colorful and drippy. I always keep this record on deck in a dj set.

Kool Keith- Baby baby
——–He is in my Top 5 greatest MC’s of all time. So many styles, flavor, originality. In highschool we used to run into him all the time round the city and he would talk to us about hip hop and random shit like chicken tacos. Dopest MC.

jerry Butler- Stop steppin on my dreams
———-Got that lovely soul , i can burn some greenery to and just listen and unwind,

The Koreatown Oddity- Scene Dreams
This just me flipping that jerry butler into a smooth butter beat to nod to.

Redd foxx
One of the funniest Comedians to ever live. People know sanford and son. But his stand up has jokes that would be going over my head when i was younger. Weird jokes. And that voice is fuckin classic old black man voice.

Trenttruce- Alfred (prod. by the koreatown oddity)
This is off of Trenttruces ep i produced for him called ” Lost Arkham City Files”. One of my favorites of this album , they way he spits on this makes the lines in the verse memorable. Thats me doing the hook.

The Stranglers – Men in Black
———Im a fan the stranglers song writing steez and arrangement of sounds. This some shit that alotta peeps be surprised to here me bumpin at the crib. That strange shit. They shoulda had this in the men in black movie.

Queen Latifah- latifahs had it up to here
Well my mom had mad tapes of female MC’s when i was a kid ,and when i came across this even as a kid i knew this shit was dope. The tape cuts off before the hook of this song starts but i loved when she spells latifah and the dj is scratchin it. Man she could spit, punchlines all that shit. This shit always takes me back.Too Dope.

Be sure to check out The Koreatown Oddity tonight at the Broadway Bar along with Trenttruce, HM Selecta, Amy Pham, Fatlip, and Natmilla!
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