A+H Podcast017: Kemek – Sometime Somewhere


The latest podcast is a mix of Chilled Out Ambient and Shoegaze brought to you by Architects + Heroes own Kemek. He has been kicking around the electronic music scene since the early ’90s. Be on the look out for his forth coming release on A+H Records titled Obake Radio.

Track List:
Kemek: Nanzen-ji
Jurgen Muller: Lonely Voyage
Manual: Phainomenon
Kemek: Ultimately Always 3
Charlemagne Palestine: One Fifth, In The Rhythm 3 Against 2, For Piano (1973)
Jack Rose: Kensington Blues
Robin Guthrie: Search Among The Flowers
Kemek: Mobile (Handy To Handy)
Cocteau Twins: An Elan
Kemek: Sleeping On The Other Side Of The World