Tohan Tales The Diary Box Audio/Visual Installation ibook/app by Riz Maslen (Neotropic)

Riz Maslen along with The Shape of Sound has put together a released the Tohan Tales app available at the iTunes Store. The app takes the user to a remote community in the heart of the Borneo rainforest where she lived and worked with a team of explorers, scientists and capacity builders to help protect the environment and culture during the summer of 2012.

The Diary Box Part one is the very first installment of audio journeys, mapping each stage of her time spent in the rainforest. Tohan Tales will also be a downloadable ibook/app telling the story of Riz’s own personal journey into the heart of the Borneo Rainforest.

Riz Maslen will be showing her audio/visual installation and talking about her work as part of green:purple at 7.30pm Tonight at the Stade Hall, Hastings as part of Coastal Currents.

App Description
Piece together the journey of UK electronica artist Riz Maslen (‘Neotropic’) to the remote village of Tumang Tohan through photos, sounds, videos and diary entries. More than just a read, this app is designed to help you experience this unique culture through mediums as diverse as sketchbook scribbles and the sound of the morning rain to allow you to experience Tumang Tohan first hand. Swipe your way through the chapters and tap on images, diary entries and videos to expand them and hear more of this rainforest tribe.