Zander One – Echonine (With QBLA Remix) Out Now On Recycled Plastics

Recycled Plastics has just released Zander One remix album Echonine. Containing remixes by Coppice Halifax, Textural Being, Zwei Kreise, DeepWarmth, colinDESU, QBLA and Entorwellian, and bookended by a couple previously unreleased Zander One cuts. Only 25 copies available for the physical version, so get in fast!

Echonine is the aptly titled remix album for 2012’s ambient techno odyssey Echoate, although upon closer inspection, it also contains remixes of tracks that weren’t actually on Echoate. Echonine is half what you might expect from a Zander One release – distant foggy pads and sublime warm basslines over soft rhythms that aren’t in a hurry to get anywhere – and half some other beast entirely, taking notes from Autechre/Gescom on the Entorwellian and Zwei Kreise mixes, and even channeling some warped Dilla-esque hip hop on the QBLA remix. On paper, it seems like it won’t work, but listening proves otherwise, and the compilation closes with “Seaswept”, a beautiful previously unreleased track. Echonine is a colorful and varied collection of tracks that should whet the appetite of listeners eager for a new ZO full-length album. The good news is: one is shortly on the way, due out at the lovely WR label in Portland in the coming months. Until then, enjoy Echonine!