A+H Podcast018: QBLA – Section 8 Reserve Mixtape

QBLA is back with his second Mixtape Section 8 Reserve. In this mix, he pieces together samples, tracks, and acapellas. There’s no real set list on this since most of the samples being put together form something else entirely, but here is a list of the samples and tracks used:

Co.Fee – Aqua Lung
Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express
Michna – Quadruple Gold Dipped
Future Sound of London – We Have Explosive (Mantronik Plastic Formula #1)
The Black Dog & Black Safichi – Voodoo (the black dog drum&bass mix)
Felt.35 – Give it Up
L Double & Younghead – New Style
Analouge Monsta – Nxt Msg (Deletion Mix)
Lusine – Everything Under The Sun
P.U.D.G.E. – Placed Right In Everything
Cedaa – Escalade
Kuhn – Even Bears
Roxanne Shante – Go On Girl
Thavius Beck – Imma Get So
Snoop Dogg – Fuck What They Say
Top Billin & Wolfhaus – Bowl of Thraxx
Clicks & Whistles – Adventure Tune
Chief – Stay Puft
Steve Reich – Electric Counter Point (Fast)
QBLA – Mental Deposits
Beaty Heart – 2Good (Jam City Remix)
QBLA – Wizard Module
QBLA – Public Access Love
Tufo – Spiral Stairway
Tanya Featuring Twista – What U On?
Devonwho – Cactus
Boards of Canada – Twoism
Nas – I Made You Look