Architects & Heroes Podcast #5

Architects & Heroes Podcast #5 Architects & Heroes Podcast #5
Architects & Heroes Podcast #5
Architects & Heroes Podcast #5

After an 5 year hiatus, we’re returned to podcasting. With our shift from record label to art collective we’re using the podcast to experiment with formats, content and what we can do with the medium. It’s our very own audio laboratory, to play with and see what’s possible.

For Podcast #5, the theme is the intersection of technology and art, and more specifically music. We’re in a freeform conversation with Tim Hui and Dahlia Turnbull, two denizens of Silicon Beach who are both doing some very interesting things on the technology and music fronts.

Tim Hui, aka Timbuki, is a music producer and developer who created an online music collaboration tool called Jam Ship, when he’s not busy writting code for the Dollar Shave Club.

Dahlia Turnbull is a singer, MC and has spent the last 4 years working in a variety of startups and working for organizations that foster innovation in the tech community in Southern California. She is the founder of, a recently launched live streaming music collective blending technology and music.