7 Questions with Everything, Now!

A+H: For those who don’t know about Everything, Now! could you give us a little background?

EN: My name is Jon. I sing and write the songs for the most part. Everything, Now! started when I moved to Indiana in 2002, lived in a college town called Muncie, wrote a bunch of songs, and started looking for friends to help me make the music in a live setting. We’ve recorded five albums, frequently evolved, and toured all over the United States since then. Our newest album, Spatially Severed, is the first in a trilogy about amorphous space creatures called Partlies and Veries, whose constant power struggles are only perceivable to humans as sound waves. They sound a lot like music.

A+H: What is “Space Gospel”?

EN: It’s an easy way to classify our current sound without using too many words. We’ve gotten to a place where we really want our music to lift people up, to affirm life and to seek a higher power, like one of America’s greatest creations, gospel music. But the “space” side is meant to imply the psychedelic, the unknown and mysterious, the far out, the notion that we’re not just making music, we’re attempting to channel messages from deep space, far beyond our galaxy. That’s where God is right? That’s where ideas come from? Deep Space?

A+H: It seems like there are a few bands and labels that share a kind of common vision with you. Danielson and Sufjan Stevens are a few that come to mind. Is it fair to say there’s a network of “Space Gospel” artists that are working together?

EN: If there’s a network, I don’t really know anything about it. We’d love to find other “Space Gospel” bands!

While I respect both in different ways, I think Danielson and Sufjan are coming from more of a Christian indie rock perspective. That’s not really our thing. Currently all members of the band get down with Jesus, but we’re completely open to any interpretation of what that means. When I think of musicians that are coming from a similar place as us message-wise, I think of Sun Ra, Sly and the Family Stone, post-Pet Sounds Beach Boys, maybe even Al Green, just stuff that’s about love and universal harmony and totally reaching a higher level.

A+H: The art work on the Prequels and Parallels EP is interesting. Could you talk about it?

EN: Sure, it’s from a series of collages that I did about the idea of being severed throughout space. I wanted the album art images for Spatially Severed to represent the beings that inhabit the songs, and I ended up with a lot of leftover pictures. I thought the Prequels and Parallels cover was a great reflection of Love, a married couple uniting two as one, being held by the hands of God in a beautiful sunset, hanging just above a compelling landscape of darkness…

A+H: What’s coming up for you guys in 2009?

EN: Touring and promotion! We expected a lot of critics to sleep on the album at first, because we’ve never had great luck in that arena, so our plan is just to really push the music out there to get it into the hands and ears of the people. I think the press will catch up, but first and foremost, we’re seeing it as our sacred duty to deliver this music to people everywhere next year!

A+H: How about live performances? Are you guys on tour?

EN: We just finished a great tour doing a few shows with Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos. We also hit the southeast and did a few gigs in the Wisconsin/Chicago area, but we’re taking a break for a few weeks. We’ll be back out on the road in typical relentless fashion starting in February.

A+H: What’s your top 10 music list right now?

1. Marmoset “Record in Red”

2. Yo La Tengo “Summer Sun”

3. Allman Brothers Band “self titled”

4. Duke Ellington (early stuff)

5. Chuck Berry (everything)

6. STAX! (let’s all start the memphis soul revival!)

7. Grateful Dead “American Beauty”

8. Cecil Taylor Quartet “Looking Ahead”

9. David Bowie “Low”

10. The Numero Group’s Tragar/Note label 2-disc comp