Greetings from the edge of the world

It’s full-throttle holiday action here at camp A&H, and there’s much news to report. The Summer of Flux (the collaboration between Stephen R. and Aaron Mobley) E.P. “Radio Anthems for the Newly Disenfranchised” has just came back from being mastered by 12k Mastering (run by the amazingly talented Taylor Deupree) and is slated as our first release in January 2010. There are samples of the tracks on The Summer of Flux Myspace page and the track listing is as follows:

1. Something
2. Now, all is ever
3. Love letter to Oklahoma (Part 2)
4. Smoke variations
5. I like even more now that you’ve started to fade from memory
6. The Golden Dragon cries for justice
7. Radical Math
8. Love letter to Oklahoma (Part 1)
9. Magical Dracula powers

The release will be on CD and digital, and there is a short film in the works that will be a companion to the film as well. More details on the album release, and subsequent DVD release in the next few weeks.

And in other news…

DJ Stephen R., yours truly, is busy producing the second installment of the Create Fixate podcast, which will be up and running by Monday. For those who simply cannot wait to hear the latest installment, then click here to check out the very first podcast every produced for C:F by our camp.

Zygote lives!

The dorment left-of-center electronic music project of Stephen R., Zygote is about to be reborn. There are plans in the works for a new mixtape, “Architects & Heroes Vol. 3: Zygote the mixtape” which will highlight unreleased material from the past decade that is slated for release on the label in Feb of 2010. Also, there is a new addition to Zygote, on vocals is Lindsey Gray Todd. There is new material in the works now which will be part of a new Zygote release in early spring.

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