March Madness

The Architects and Heroes Sound System for 3/15 SXSW Party

It’s been a while since the chaos and inertia has settled on our camp and we’ve had time to sit down and sift through our memories and experiences. So, here’s what we know. Since we launched our label in January, our hive has been buzzing with activity. We managed to release our first 3 records, we had a great 3 hour sit down interview, and live performance, with Ms. Tiza at KFJC in San Jose. We then went to Austin to play the AMODA showcase at SXSW in Austin, and we even hosted our very own label event. To say that the year is flying by would be an under statement…

DJ Stephen R. @ the A+H Showcase

The early spring kicked off with our camp, specifically H.A. Eugene (Burbank International/Business 80) and Stephen R. (Zygote/The Summer of Flux) sitting down with the amazing and talented DJ Ms.Tiza at KFJC for over 3 hours of interviews, live performances and dj sets. Our gracious hostess played most of our entire catalog to date (3 releases so far), and even dialed-in to our absent label compatriot, Will Rosario (aka Asymmetrical Head/Quiliuq)to include him in the interview. Evidence of our encounter with Ms.Tiza can be found here.

H.A. Eugene of Burbank International/Business 80 in conversation with Ms.Tiza.

Mere day’s after our trip from Los Angeles to the Bay Area for our KFJC interview and in-studio performance, we hit the road for Austin, Texas for SXSW. We were honored to have been asked by AMODA (the Austin Museum of Digital Art) to curate a stage at their 10 annual Digital Showcase at the Mohawk. Our stage included Burbank International, Blixaboy, Martix Records recording artist Convextion, a very rare performance by Zygote (which went from chin-scratching to booty-shaking on a dime), a surprise set by Cygnus and the sounds of the Flying Turns DJs. Our VJ was late to the event, so we managed to get local VJ legends The Vidkids to help mind the gap for our absent VJ.

Blixaboy playing live at the AMODA showcase, A+H stage

Our adventures in Texas didn’t stop there. After hundreds of beers, a ton of shows and a shotgun trip to and from Dallas to DJ a wedding (it’s a long story, but it has something to do with The Summer of Flux) we at Architects and Heroes Records had our own party.

Flyer for the A+H 3/15 show

Our party saw us feature friends of Architects and Heroes, both new and old, who we put on blast on an amazing sound-system provided by Sound Riggs. We had an amazing line-up of talent blasting through the speakers. The LA homies were up in that piece. Purple Crush brought there hyper-kenetic electro-pop to our dance floor, along with 213 local, and New Noir founder, New Berlin… and to round-out the LA Style, yours truly, DJ Stephen R., dropped a set of dub and bass sounds.

The Flying Turns DJs @the A+H 3/15 show

We welcomed our new Texas friends who represented at SXSW for A+H. Cygnus (who’s A+H interview can be found here) dropped a mad set of electro and vocoder madness, while the Flying Turns DJs dropped some sweet space-disco and Bodytronix brought their full rig of customized analog gear and threw down a spot-on set of electronic analog magic.

The A+H night at Deseos was rounded out buy a performance of Architects and Heroes Co-founder, H.A. Eugene in his Burbank International guise playing his own music, deconstructed and electrified. His set is a unique mix of pulsing electronic music made from his own deconstructed record (Warthog AH004 due out on Architects and Heroes in May). As if this weren’t enough, we had Dueling Monomes! AMODA laptop battle champion, and Austin native, Chili battled Making The Noise from Boston. All in all, an amazing event.

Although it was a blurry month, with it’s fair share of bumps, but it’s been an amazing start to our label venture. As a recap to our week of madness at SXSW, I will be producing a podcast that highlights some of the amazing talent we unearthed while in Texas. Stay tuned…