Gothic Cholo (A.K.A. Bizzart) – Plastic Tears Part 1 OUT NOW on A+H Records

Architects + Heroes Records is proud to announce the debut release of Bizzart’s alter-ego Gothic Cholo titled Plastic Tears Part 1. Tracks are produced by Suttikeere and cover art is done by Ayla Eichler. We are accepting pre-orders and CDs will be shipped out when available (approximately 2 weeks time). Part 2 will be released when the CDs are made available.

“I would say this NEW Bizzart release roams earth in the year 2027 post apocalyptic new world order of drum machine beat mutilations and rhyme barrages with a great mix of sounds, electronic elements, rhyme flow, content, delivery and bridging the gaps between dare I say “radio friendly” tunes to Conscious to sci-fi to political to the very opposite end of the universe with the destructive Guttertrunk stylings for HARDCORE members only!!!!!! Hold on to your space helmets & blast this in your space shuttles!!!”