Considering: Nathaniel Eras

I had the unique privilege of interviewing Nathaniel Eras for an episode that dropped on March 1, 2022. Nathaniel is a musician and multidisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, now living in Baja, that I’ve known personally for almost a decade. In having my unique vantage point, I’ve seen him evolve significantly over that time; from methodical electronic music producer to immersive environment creator.

Early on his primarily output was dark, IDM-influenced, electronic music that while heady, could also easily kick in the back of a mini truck on a bumpin’ system. Over time, the meticulously-honed curatorial sensibility that Nathaniel has developed has helped him navigate into space that is uniquely his own.

He has taken his music production sensibilities and is now creating visual environments, photography, film, and conceptual art to fully express his vision. There are deeply dark moments in his work, that all serve in favor of an ultimate transcendence that goes beyond the light for which it seeks. It’s truly a magical thing.

He recently returned from the California Dreams exhibition in Hanover Germany where he collaborated with numerous artists on an interactive sound media and materials installation called “Behold a White Horse,” at Kuntsthalle Fause.